Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Failure to Communicate

Chris Thompson no longer sold drugs, so he had no people on the streets doing anything. No organization. All he had was himself. Nobody really knew where he lived. He had two known girlfriends and he never stayed with either of them more than two nights in a row. He hung out at Josie's Bar and at the Diner, but nobody had seen him there.

I wasn't around my gym or my apartment buildings either..I was staying with Rell and our son mostly. I didn't know where Donald Smooth was...but word was , he had hired new security for the card game that we ran. Only problem was..we weren't running the card game. We had shut it down until further notice.

This made all of the players mad because they wanted to play cards and gamble. This infuriated Diamond Jack Quimby, because he was in Philly with no where to go and no action. He knew that everything else was Fathead Newton's and that Fathead had friends in New York City..friends who's feathers he didn't want to ruffle.

He put the word out on the street that he wanted Chris, Me and Donnie found and that he would pay handsomely for any word on where we were. Chris had figured this, so he sent word to Fathead Newton to set up a meet with Diamond Jack.

We agreed to meet in an old Airplane hanger out near the Philadelphia International Airport.
Donald Smooth, five six foot four brothers with .45's and myself met Fathead Newton, his two bodyguards and Diamond Jack and five of his guys there. From the beginning the meeting was

"Where is Chris Thompson?? I came to talk to him" shouted Diamond Jack Quimby....a small light skinned man with a mousey type face and a pointy nose.

"My name is Chess, you want to talk to Chris, you talk to me." I said.

"Apparently errand boy, you don't know how to speak, when you're spoken to" said Diamond Jack..

"Now guys, guys..come on now....let's not get like that" protested Fathead trying to smooth things over...

"Call me an errand boy again and I'll show you what a little man looks like with a size 12 up his
ass." I said to Diamond Jack.

"There you go runnin your mouth again nigga...looks like I'm gonna have to shut it for you." He
said as he stepped to me. He never got any further...I hit him square in his jaw and knocked him to the floor in front of an astonished crowd of men...

The little guy was astonished....he was getting ready to reach inside of his coat for a gun when a steel plated .44 magnum was pressed to his temple and he heard the voice of the man he had come to see.

"Now..Now...Now.. there Jack....where are your manners? See, where I come from...when somebody wants something....The thing to to ask for it.. You stuck up my card game and you didn't even ask you gon try to flex with my main man Chess?? Ohhh no,no,no friend... See ,I'm a quiet laid back kind of guy..but believe me when I tell you....I will kill you and think nothing of it...I'll sleep like a baby tonight...Please beleive me....Now, you get up slowly, dust yourself off and go right on back to whatever hole you crawled out of in Atlantic City. You wanted to see me, you've seen me...My answer to you is no. No, as in you can't have any of my card game, No...there is nothing here to negotiate and Yes...I will kill you myself if you dare set foot in Philadelphia...You feel me little fella?" said Chris Thompson.

Diamond Jack Quimby looked around....It was clear he didn't want to tangle with me again...Donald Smooth was laughing his head off and the five brothers he brought with him had
Diamond's men covered...

"Chris....I can see that what we have here is a failure to communicate...I'm leaving..but this aint
over...Ohhhh hell no it aint..I'm comin back and I'm coming back heavy....I want this card game..all of don't need it, you aint a gangsta no more Chris or so you say..Play or get played know the can't straddle the fence" he said..

"Keep Talking Little man, you're talking yourself into an early grave...but don't worry,I'm going to send some beautiful flowers to your funeral." said Chris.
"Oh Yeah" laughed Diamond Jack...."I knew all of you when you were punk kids..Fathead,I used to work for your drunk ass father..and you let these two niggas talk to me like that? You disapoint me, you fat black bald headed tub of lard you." said Diamond Jack.

Fathead Newton walked over to Diamond Jack..He had heard enough. He was shaking his head.

"I think you've caused enough trouble Jack...Get outta here." he said.

"You Fat punk ,you finnally got some guts huh?I'm comin back and I'm cleaning house." he said as he and his men walked out, got in their cars and drove off.
"You might get a surprise Jack...a big surprise." yelled Donald Smooth.
"He's a dead man, he just don't know it...." said Chris ,rather morosely.

Donald Smooth looked at Me, Chris and Fathead...smiled and then said-

"Hmmmm....That went rather well didn't it?"

(To Be Continued......)


Toni said...

Oh Mann this is sure heating up!
Bullets are going to be flying soon.

Angie B. said...

I can see that this situation is going to explode into a war...

Where is Cherry? Are we going to see a confrontation between her and Chess.

Sunflower said...

I'm glad you didn't turn this into a referendum on Chess and Cherry's relationship, but I am curious as to whether she will show up in future episodes of this storyline.

Vanessa said...

Awwwwwww suki suki now...Chris and Chess are sooo sexy...They are into it now...Can't wait to see the next installment of this mess.

Halo said...

Chris and Chess both have mad swagger...Me likey!

Lisa said...

Keith ,please don't kill off Chris ,Chess and Smooth...I'm lovin these three..I don't care if you kill off Fathead...I'm not feelin him anyway..But I know somebody is gonna die before this is over.

Cheryl said...

I love these charactors Keith..Just love them.

Where is Cherry? Will we be seeing more of her?

Why is she dating Fathead?

Does he know that Chess used to date her?

Brenda said...

Keith, you have brought a new dimension to blogging....I have read a lot of blogs and none are quite like "Escapades"...This combonation of Serial Fiction, Short Stories and Poetry is unique.
I love it.

"Keith's Space" is well written too!

James Perkins said...

Keith, This "Diamond Jack" Charactor is a real peice of work...Please drop kick this guy soon...I've had my fill of him.

Simon Bastion said...

Keith,I love your stories ,whether they are the continuing fiction or the short stories, but this is by far my favorite...I don't want it to end.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Mannn,I'm lovin this...That's All I can say.

Jazzy said...

Great story Man...You've got the tension building up.

TATE2 said...

Mann this is getting good...The Diamond man sure has a set on him..
He's lucky they didn't kill him on the spot the way he was talking.

Swaggie said...

They got to off Diamond Jack...He's too much of an Asshole to live.. I was rolling on the floor laughing at the name he called "Fathead"-lolololol.

Sean said...

Okay....When are you going to start writing screenplays or Television shows??...HBO could use you right about now-lolololol.

Captain Jack said...

I was on the edge of my seat...What's next?

Anonymous said...

Even though there was no sex in this story, all that testosterone made me toss my panties up to the rafters!

Anonymous II said...

@anonymous-It doesn't take much to make you throw your drawers up in the air does it?

Keith said...

Funny a lot of you mention Cherry..
She figures prominently in the next installment...Diamond jack makes his presence known in Philly
and Fathead,Chris and Chess will get his message, with disastorous consequences for everybody involved.. Be here tonight at midnight for -"Come Heavy"