Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watching The Watcher

One thing I learned when investigating crimes is that if you want to know who did something or who is behind something...think of who will benefit the most. It's not always a monetary thing..Sometimes it can just be revenge. One thing is always true...someone will benefit in someway from any crime committed.

They found Ron January's body, exactly where "Big Sin" said it would be..In a shallow grave in the park behind the Philadelphia Zoo. He was in a body bag. He had been beaten severly..but it wasn't the beating that killed him. His lungs collapsed and he went into cardiac arrest. His bloodstream was filled with citerene...The drug Samuel Hawkin's son had told me about the day before. I knew guys like "Big Sin"..They used their hands or guns or knives to bring about death, but they didn't drug people. Big Sin was no rocket scientist either...How would he or for that matter,Sadie Hawkins even know about that drug? Or where to get it?

I believe that he was tipped off about the photos and about Ron and he probably did break into Ron's house intent on getting those photos...To protect Sadie ,whom he loved from getting disgraced and divorced...and also to protect himself...a wanted man from showing up in any court photos. I believe that Ron resisted and he beat the crap out of him...but somebody administered that drug...Somebody else was in that house...witnessed the whole thing and administered enough of that drug to kill Ron... Big Sin probably thought that his beating had killed Ron and he disposed of the body. Neither he nor this other person found those photos.

Whoever this other person was , (and by now I was sure I knew who it was ), wanted those photos too . When we set up shop in Robert's office , they most certainly knew that Big Sin was going to try again.The mystery person set him up...Made sure he was out of the picture. They knew we could more than likely pin Ron January's murder on him...and that that would be it. This person had a lot of information and did good investigating work. Had they not been a manipulating murder, this person would have made a damn good investigator.

I made a call to a researcher I knew that worked in the hall of records and he gave me some information that didn't surprise me at all. Now all I had to do was set my trap. I picked up Robert Foxworth and we headed towards the Hospital.

"Did you make the phone calls to the necessary people?" I said.

"Yeah, I called Mrs. Hawkins and I called everybody else and told em that Samuel Hawkins has come out of his coma....and that I was going to talk to him and show him the pictures...but do you think I should do this ,this soon?" he said.

"Robert...He hasn't come out of his coma.....I just told you to say that....The real murderer is going to take this bait." I said.

'Real Murderer???...You got him didn't you?....That Big Sin fella." said Robert.

"He didn't do it...he thinks he did...but he didn't do it...After they found Ron's body....I knew exactly who was behind this." I said.

"What??? Who?" asked Robert?

"Trust me...Take these photos in there and play along?" I said.

"These aint the photos..These are some photos of your wife...and rather hot ones at that, if I don't say so myself.....Mannnnn you crazy, If I was married to her, damn if I'd be out here riskin my life." said Robert with a sly smile.

"Just focus on what we are about to do." I said.

Robert walked into the room where the still comatose Samuel Hawkins was lying. He pulled out his portfolio and almost immediately he heard a voice.

"You want to hand those photos over to me ?"
Robert spun around in surprise-

"Heyyy, what are you doing here?" he said.

Then he saw the gun and a needle...Robert's eyes opened up like saucers....It was the same guy who had told me he was Samuel Hawkin's son just days before.Just then, Cock Robbins came out of a nearby closet and put a hit on him that reminded him of his old football days...The smaller man flew across the room and slammed up against the wall, then slid to the ground..stunned, and I grabbed the gun and the needle from him before he could get his bearings...The wind and the fight was knocked out of him.

"Did you see that hit Kev? I used to do that back when I played football, catch the pass and do my own blocking....I told you I was a badddd mann back in the day." Laughed Cock.

Cock grabbed the slender man and sat him down in a chair. It was the "intern" The man who claimed to be Samuel Hawkins's son. Only thing is...My researcher friend told me that Samuel Hawkins's son from a previous marriage died in a car accident several years before and he didn't
have any other children.

"You knew didn't you?" he said.

" Not at first, but then I did some nosing around. You looked pretty good for a guy who's been dead for five years. You're not his son and you're not a doctor who are you?"

"I'm his lover....I am in med school....he was paying for it. We've been seeing each other for several years." he said.

"So when you found out that he was seeking a divorce and that he had a private eye gathering up info on his sought to put a stop to that. But why?" I asked.

"His gold digging wife knew he was on the downlow for years...why do you think she slept with so many guys?? But she wanted to hold on to that money...."he said.

'So what's it to you?, if he divorced her, then you could be free to be out and open." I said.

"She's my sister....He didn't know that....and if he cut her off, she threatened to out me, out us. A man of Mr. Hawkins's prestige and reputation couldn't afford that kind of scandal, and I would have lost a man I'd loved for seven years...So even though I didn't want to..I had to manipulate things in order to protect my sister." he said.

"So you hid in that house and after Big Sin beat drugged him....and it was YOU who called me from his phone, sounding as if you were drunk that get me over there..You figured I'd get Big Sin and pin everything on him..thus protecting your sister, satisfying me and leaving you free to love Mr. Hawkins...Only you made one mistake" I said.

"Oh yeah, what?" he snarled...

"You didn't drug me enough you little shit...I came out of my coma days ago and I've already called the cops." said a rising Samuel Hawkins".
Cock, Robert and I were astounded.... but then ,when I thought I had put it all together,I got another surprise.

"Sammy, baby, lover..I didn't drug you, I wasn't me?" said the man.

"It wasn't...It was ME!" came another voice...a woman's voice. Once again, I heard a gun clicking. Now it was my turn to be surprised.

I smiled.....and now all the peices fit.

"Hello Sadie...I was wondering when you'd show up...You found your brother's stash , you figured out the whole thing didn't you ?And after you talked to Big figured, your husband had to make sure you got that money, whether the photos surfaced or not so you drugged him....You then figured that Big Sin or your brother would take the rap for everything right? He already thought he'd killed Ron ,he was your lovesick puppy and let's face it, not the brightest bulb on the tree....Wow, that was pure genius. And I thought you were a lightweight..Turns out, you're the real gangster..Now I figure you have a gun too and all of us are going to leave here and be killed right?" I smiled.

"That's about it do you figure this ends?"

"With you going to jail?" I said.

"I don't think so." she laughed.

"Put your hands up're under arrest" came a voice, Robert was very familiar with. It was his first wife,the very beautiful and sexy, Lt. Sissy Van Buren, Philly Homicide and several policemen.

"Sissy?" he said.

"Yeah...Thanks Kevin...Your friend Chess's people did a great job of wiring this room for sound..We got everything ,clear as can be on tape." she said -
Come on Sadie and you...what's your name?" asked Lt. Van Buren of Philadelphia Homicide.

"Irwin...Irwin T. Jones" said the man. The police handcuffed both of them and read them their rights and escorted them out of the Hospital. Samuel Hawkins sat up on the bed and looked at Robert, Cock and I-

"Well boys..thanks for clearing up that mess...You think you know someone..I'm not really gay, uh, ruh, I just experiment sexually from time to time..I will pay you handsomely for your silence in this matter...uh and for cracking this case."

Robert Looked at me and winked! I smiled broadly.


Samuel Hawkins gave Robert and I a half of a million dollars a peice....Robert moved out of Chess's apartment complex and got himself a nice office of his own in a downtown Philadelphia Office Building. I banked mine and made plans to take Sepia on a nice vacation. Irwin got Life for murdering Ron January and his sister got nine years for attempted murder...Big Sin is still awaiting trial on numerous murder charges.

I sat in Josie's one afternoon with Gus and we were talking-

"You cracked another case huh Kev? " said Gus.


"You got a P.I.'s licensce....why don't you make it a business, look how well you got paid?" he said.

"But Gus, I'm a writer and a blogger at heart." I said.

"How long you been workin at that Magazine?" he asked.

"About seven years" I said.

"In Seven years combined, you aint made a half a mil have ya? It's somethin to think about."
said Gus.

Hmmm, indeed it was!

(For Soloman)


Solomon said...

A gay lover, and he's the wifey's brother, who'd a guessed it.

Great ending to another great caper Keith, ole Kevin seems to solve all the right crimes, the 'hush money' seems to just keep rollin in.

Sure would be great if I got that big break, that big payday. One can only dream, right Keith

Anonymous said...

I loved it!! So many twists and turns.

Blu Jewel said...

Wow! You really created a tangled web! This was an excellent story and one that had me so intriuged.

Love to live; live to love!

James Perkins said...


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Grover Tha Playboy said...

Wow, Let's see, Kevin got a car from the last caper and a half a mil from this one...Must be nice to be him!!!

Jazzy said...

Nice ending, Lots of twists and turns...You had me completely surprised.

Tate2 said...

Wow...I suspected wifey, but I had totally forgotten about his "son".

Swaggie said...

This was the business man...I dug it!

Sean said...

Incredible ending...Good Story.

Captain Jack said...

What an ending!!!! What a story!!
Can it get any better than this!

Vanessa said...

Wow!! This was my kind of story Keith..Thank You!

Lisa said...

I simply loved this...Loved this..
All of the twists and turns..Justy loved it.

Halo said...

What a tangled web of lies and back stabbing...everything I love in a great story.-lololol

Cheryl said...

I loved it!

Brenda said...

All the twists and turns..and a great payoff! Incredible!

Angie B. said...

A Gay Lover!...A scheming wife and a love sick hitman..what a group of culprits. Loved this story Keith.

Toni said...

You're the King Keith, the king!!

Sunflower said...

Great Story Keith and Great ending too! I must admit,I was surprised and just kept getting surprised!

Anonymous said...

Standing and Applauding and tossing my panties at you,even though there was no sex in this story at all. It was a great series.