Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pretty Poison

The next morning, I picked up Robert Foxworth in front of the apartment complex he lived in. I had Sepia with me..He took one look at my wife and his eyes nearly leaped out of his head...I had heard about his exploits with the ladies, so I decided to squash any thoughts he might have had right then and there.

"Well,Well,Well...What do we have here?" he said with a sly grin.

"This is my WIFE, Mrs. Sepia Cokely-Morris" I said proudly.

"Oh..Oh..Your wife...well pleased to meet you." he said, reverting back to his business mode.

"Hi Mr. Foxworth" Sepia said and then turned and gave me a knowing smile. She was used to this I'm sure..but it made me uneasy and I think she knew it.

"She's going with us." I said as Sepia got in the back seat. I motioned for him to get in the car and he did.

"Nice ride...Wow, you writers make better money than I thought" he said.

"Yeah, occassionally we do" I said. I know he probably didn't think I could afford a car like this and in reality I couldn't...but I felt no obligation to explain to him just how I got it. Especially since it was a "peace offering" from his ex-wife's lover for my silence in another case.

"You're heading towards the hospital Kevin..I thought we were going to find his wife?" Said Robert.

"We are. By now she's heard that he's in the hospital and I'm sure she's gone to see him." I said.

I was right! Sadonia "Sadie" Hawkins was nothing like what I expected! She was young, maybe 35, but not older and great looking...Nice shapely legs, well
built, well toned body and an ample bossom. The type of girl my pastor would've been drooling over. She had nice tastes too. Designer clothing, lots of jewelry, Movado Watch, the works. I parked behind her car in the parking lot.
A white 2010 custom made Mercedes. I couldn't see her giving all of that up.

'Wow Robert...I'm surprised you're not working for her" I laughed.

" The husband is the one with the loot, not her... She was the lucky girl he met at the strip club..She didn't have nothin...then she gave him a lap dance and he became enthralled with her. Married her when she was 29 and he was 65."
said Robert.

Sadie was putting on a show in the hospital,playing the role of the grieving wife,demanding that the hospital attend to her "poor husband". My guess was that she was the one who was responsible for him being in this state. It was more than a hunch. I just wasn't buying this sister's act. Neither was Sepia who said to me-

"She's faking.."

"How do you know?" I asked, even though I felt the same way.

"Because I'm a woman and women know women." said Sepia.

"Game recognizes Game" I said and Sepia smiled and nodded.

As soon as she saw Robert Foxworth , her mood became seriously frosty.

"Well, look who it is..the shylock jacklegged Lawyer who's trying to break up my marriage. Happy with yourself?? You done caused him to have a heart attack."
she snapped.

"You sure it was me?" snapped Robert.

"What?, why you son of -" she said as I interrupted..

"Hold on ..Hold on a minute..Look..I'm looking for a friend of mine. Ron January...I haven't seen him in a few days..You wouldn't happen to know where he is would you?" I asked.

"Never heard of him." she said. I was certain she was lying...but I couldn't prove it, so I backed off. she kissed her sleeping husband and said- "I'll be back tomorrow boo" and walked off into the morning.Sepia watched her as a tall bald head, muscular black man with a bald head opened the door of the Mercedes for her and she got in her car. He got on the drivers side and pulled off.

A Black intern pulled me to the side. I had never seen this man before, but he seemed to need to talk to me.

"Hey,hey two guys brought him in here last night right?" he said.

"Yeah, we found him on the floor."I said.

"Yeah, well WE found enough Citerene in him to kill an's a wonder he's alive now." the guy said.

'Citerene??What is that?" I said.

"It's a muscle relaxer..too much will make your lungs collapse, then you go into cardiac arrest...This man had no business with that in his system. Somebody must've put it in his food or his's undetectable and once a person has been dead for won't show up on any tox reports unless you're actually looking for it and know what to look for..Not too many people even know what to look for." he continued.

"Look man, who are you and why did you even tell me this?" I asked.

"I know who you are..You got that blog..I read it all the time . You solve stuff and help people.That dude in there in the MY FATHER... I'm a doctor,
and I'm not supposed to be talking to you about this..but I want you guys to find out who did this and make them pay...He and my moms split up a long time ago, but he always did right by me..He didn't deserve this." he said.

"No he doesn't" added Robert.

"I'll do what I can, but I was just here trying to find my friend...My friend was investigating your step-mom..Your dad thought she was cheating on him." I added.

"She aint my step nothin...She's just my dad's wife." he said , Not trying to hide his bitterness.

Sepia walked over to me and told me about Sadie getting in the car with the big bald headed man. Robert suggested we go back to Ron's house and see if he left anything behind..I thought that was a good idea.

I turned to address Mr. Hawkin's son...but he was gone!

(To Be Continued.....)


Solomon said...

The suspence is killing me Keith, I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Toni said...

This build up is slow,but I know it's going to lead to something shocking,I just know it.

Vanessa said...

Keith this is really good...You slowed things down a bit on this one.

James Perkins said...

I'm reading this rather late in the day,but I'm hooked.

Jazzy said...

Man, you may stop me from buying books..I'll just read you.lolol.

Angie B. said...

This is gettin deep! For what it's
worth, I think wifey is the culprit.

Cheryl said...

It gets no better Keith!

Brenda said...

Am loving this once again.

Lisa said...

Aww man...I'm really into this now..and I've got so many theories
about this that I'm going to keep to myself.

Halo said...

This is Hawtt Keith...I think wifey poisoned him. Where is Ron January though?? did she off him??

Sunflower said...

Great story Keith...It's got all I could ask for..mystery,intrigue, suspense and lots of cameos by some of my favorite charactors from your other stories..Can't wait for the next installment.

Simon Bastion said...

Oh man this one is a doozy Keith..
I'll see you tonight at midnight..
Please have the next one installed.

Sean said...

Do you write your posts fresh everyday Keith or do you write some of these in advance?? Nobody could be as prolific as you on both of your blogs and yet be so steadily good.

Captain Jack said...

Good story....Each part is a little
peice to the bigger puzzle, although right now I don't know just what I'm looking at.Can't wait for the next part.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

A lot of money is involved and that is a motivator, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that something else is at play here...Knowing you Keith, it is!

Tate2 said...

Well right now, I think that the Privite eye guy is dead...Don't know if the wife killed him or not..but somebody obviously is trying to keep something from coming to light.

Swaggie said...

Another good one boy!!! Lovin it!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm enjoying this...waiting for an explosive sex scene soon though.

Toni said...

@anonymous- why am I not surprised?

TATE2 said...

LMAO @ anonymous- She needs a reason to toss her panties up in the air..lolololol.